Sorting, inspection, quality management and warehousing of second-hand pallets and various charge carriers

At our facilities or at your site, the empty pallets of the manufacturing industry are assorted, classified and divided into three categories:

Category 1:

Recyclable without manipulation.

Category 2:

Pallets with features that make regular service no longer possible. These pallets are recycled in our repair facilities so that they receive the initial exchange quality. For this purpose we are technically perfectly equipped.

Category 3:

Badly damaged pallets, where the costs of repair exceed the value of goods and no longer allow a meaningful calculation. From these pallets we remove, as far as possible, material that is still recycable, and that can be used again for repairing other disposable special pallets from recycled wood. Thus, fewer new wood has to be purchased for the repair. This underlines the environmental aspect of our company's philosophy.

The remaining wood which is of no further use is processed into wood chips, which are then further processed through other recycling companies.

The pallets of the categories 1 and 2 are fed back to the economic cycle and are passed through the described process all over again.

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