Repair of wooden, plastic and metal carriers

In our workshop

Our story began as a repair shop for euro-pallets over 10 years ago. We have always protected this expertese. Therefore we now have an extensive network to repair your loading equipment.

Thereby we put you in the position to minimize investment for new acquisitions and to optimally use charge carriers across their entire lifecycle.



  • We pick up the damaged carriers (usually in bulk).
  • Redelivery of the repaired carriers in one go.

(Of course you can deliver to our workshop yourself, too, and get already repaired containers in exchange).

  • Differences in the number of items during the repair of pallets (through scrap pallets) are compensated through extra delivery of second-hand pallets. These pallets are charged at the standard daily rate.
  • For the replacement “faulty for barterable” at a ratio of 1:1 you are charged a repair price. A so called barter is also possible at an agreed swap rate.

We receive smaller amounts of no longer repairable pallets (scrap pallets) and dispose them at no charge.

At the disposal of waste wood and disposable pallets, we cooperate with a certified waste management company.

Repair of pallets on site

According to a prior agreement, we come to your place and repair the pallets on site. As a result, also smaller amounts of pallets can be repaired and it is not necessary for a “whole” cargo to be collected. 

Advantages of repair at your place:

  • saving warehouse charges and important storage capacity
  • flexible repair dates
  • shorter waiting periods
  • more flexible than conventional repair


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