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Pallet conversion

With advancing technology in the fields of logistics and manufacturing (latest high rack and conveying systems), the requirements for the Euro pallets are inevitably increasing.

Therefore, we mainly need Euro pallets which are as good as new (so called “first choice”). Due to the applied and very sensitively reacting technology, the pallets have to meet additional requirements (laser measuring, transport and datum lines).

However, the repatriation of this specific pallet quality through the forwarder is quite complicated, because in this case it is about barterable quality (so called “second choice”) with a greater proportion of damaged pallets.

We took this challenge and developed an alternative to conventional pallet repair which is the so called “pallet conversion”. We close the circle between our customers and their forwarders and thereby take the responsibility of repatriating the Euro pallets on schedule in the required quality.

  • The pallets are unloaded, counted and sorted
  • A sorting report is created after the following criteria or according to your wishes:

Possible classification:

  • Class A bright, useable for: storage, transport and MFH (pallet suitable with machines, materials handling and high rack)
  • Class B bright/dark/mixed, useable for: storage, transport and MFH (pallet suitable with machines, materials handling and high rack)
  • Class C mostly dark, useable for: storage and transport
  • Not useable EUR pallets, but repairable
  • Scrap / junk or other pallets
  • The sorting report is delivered to the invoice recipient
  • Invoicing (fixed rate for sorting and extra charge for quality conversion)
  • Repatriation of the Euro pallets in agreed quality and according to your preferred dates
  • Administration of a pallet account

We gladly speak with you about further details and submit an individual offer to you. Let us know about your demand and you will rapidly receive a detailed, and for your company customized offer. We are looking forward to a personal conversation with you at any time.

Due to our experience, we can offer you perfect solutions specially customized for your company.